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Breaker Co-ordination

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What is breaker Co-ordination?

Breaker / Selective coordination generally describes the design of an electrical system in which protective device (fuse or circuit breaker) nearest to the system fault clears the fault without affecting the protective devices that are upstream from it. Breaker coordination is an essential element to enable continuity of electrical power to the facility.

Scope of Work
  • Data Collection
  • Perform Power and Load Flow Analysis
  • Perform Short Circuit Analysis
  • Perform Breaker / Relay Co-ordination
Software Tool Used:
  • ETAP

A detailed report consisting of

  • 1. Input data collected and considered for the analysis
  • 2. Single line diagram
  • 3. Results, Observation and Recommendation of load flow analysis
  • 4. Results, Observation and Recommendation of Short Circuit analysis.
  • 5. Results, Observation and Recommendation of Breaker / Relay Co-ordination.