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Electrical Safety - Industrial & Commercial

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Electrical Safety Audits of industrial and commercial facilities

Electricity has become an integral part of our everyday life and we better understand its importance in our life during a few minutes of power outages. In recent times, with the rapid growth of industries and commercial space, we are witnessing an exponential increase in the number of electrical accidents. The accidents not only cause loss of business but also cause a loss of life, brand image, business continuity and loss of confidence among the employees in workplace. It is high time to have Electrical Safety Audit at regular intervals to check the status of electrical systems.
An Electrical Safety Audit (ESA) is a systematic approach to evaluate potential hazards and to recommend suggestions for improvement. It is an important tool for identifying areas of risks, hazards and potential accidents in plants, deterioration of standards, for determining actions to minimize hazards.

  • Compliance with regulations and statutory requirements
  • Increased levels of safety
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Identification and elimination of safety hazards
  • Improvement of employee morale
  • Development of a dynamic record of safety performance
  • Indian Electricity Rules, 1956
  • Indian Electricity Act, 2003
  • IS 14489, Code of practice on occupational safety and health audit
  • National Electrical Code, 2011
  • Review of safety program
  • Review of safety policy
  • Verification of statutory compliance
  • Identification of areas that can cause electrical hazards
  • Solution to overcome the hazards