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Earthing and grounding systems

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What are earthing systems?

An effective grounding system is a fundamental requirement of any electrical systems for operational and safety aspects/reasons. Without a good grounding system safety of equipments and human life are in danger. Essentially, every electrical installation needs a reliable grounding system. A Good grounding system is important for

grounding systems
  • •Human/Life Safety
  • •Limiting damage to electrical equipment in case of fault / lightning
  • •Correct operation of the electricity supply network and to ensure good power quality

Jef grounding products provide a cost effective and technically superior grounding solution for all kinds of applications.
JEF has evolved Maintenance free grounding system drawing insight from RDSO and international standards like IEEE 80 & BS 7430. The products are proved to be a versatile system for all types of soil.

Our earthing system products

JEF GROUNDING components are manufactured to meet exacting various national and international standards and ensure reliable and robust grounding system. Grounding Products as per IS 3043,BS 7430, IEEE80 & IEC 62561-7.

Earth Electrodes

Earth electrodes shall be mechanically strong and less susceptible to corrosion. JEF Earth electrodes are specifically designed to meet this requirement. They are made up of high tensile low carbon steel circular rods with molecular copper bonding on the outer surface and conform to the latest IEC standards. Copper bonded low carbon steel Earth Electrodes are available in various length and diameter, to suit specific requirements.

Backfill Compounds

JEF offers various types of Backfill compounds to suit specific applications. JEF offers carbon based Maintenance free Backfill compounds and Mineral based chemical backfills. The backfills conforms to standards like IS 3043, BS7430,IEEE: 80 etc
JEF Carbonfil
JEF Eco Safe
JEF Eco Solx

Earth Pit Chamber

JEF-HDPE Chambers & covers are eco friendly, rust proof, heavy duty ,weather proof earth pit made of high grade material-polyethylene and have excellent durability and strength .They are easy to install and environment friendly.


JEF clamps are designed to provide good contact with earth electrodes with excellent mechanical strength and are corrosion free. We offer wide range of clamps suitable for your requirement.
Tin coated brass and copper clamps
Gun Metal Clamps

Exothermic welding

JEF Exothermic welding is recommended for critical and sensitive applications. They provide superior joints that are mechanically strong and provide excellent electrical connectivity. It does not corrode & degrade and withstand repeated electrical discharges.

earth electrode an grounding product
backfill compounds an grounding product
earthing pit chamber an grounding product
earthing clamps an grounding product

JEF Qualified Team

JEF qualified technical team provides technical assistance for measurement of soil resistivity, design, supply and installations on deliverable basis.
We also provide specialized Grounding Design Services using most advanced CDEGS software for various industrial and commercial applications.

  • Design

    On deliverable basis
  • Supply

    On deliverable basis
  • Installation

    On deliverable basis

Special characteristics of our grounding systems

Meets requirement of IS/IEC/IEEE Standards.

Maintenance Free grounding.

Provides positive low resistance electrical connection to the earth.

Backfill compound Resistivity range starting from 0.12 ohm mtr.

Gives flexibility in adopting any grounding system design.

Suitable for any kind of Soil.

Will not leech or diffuse into the ground.

Easy to install.

Environmentally friendly-No hazardous chemical.

Offers a stable grounding system.

Contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect copper.

Compatible with plate, Rod, Strip electrodes.

Comprehensive solution as per national and international standards IS-3043, BS-7430 & IEEE-80, IEC 62561-7 (For backfill compound), and IEC-60364-5 for a permanent solution to lower earth resistance..