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Lightning Protection

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What is Lightning protection?

Lightning is a natural phenomenon involving very high quantum of electrical energy. The consequences of a lightning strike and transient overvoltage or a power surge can be catastrophic for any facility or structure and its internal occupants &equipment. Lightning cannot be prevented and predicted. Hence it is imperative that one is adequately prepared at all times to protect against these dangerous natural phenomena. Effective and reliable protection is the only solution.
Latest Indian standard IS/IEC 62305 clearly emphasizes the need for protecting the structure and people against lightning, but also to protect the electrical and electronic equipment located inside the structure. Standard elaborates lightning risk assessment methodology to arrive at the required level of protection for any specific structure or building.


JEF’s expertise is to provide extensive technical support related to Lightning protection viz. risk assessment, design & solutions to meet national and international standards.


JEF provides turnkey and end to end solutions covering risk assessment through advanced software, design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of Lightning Protection System.
JEF Offers complete product range
Comprehensive Lightning Protection Products-CPRI TESTED

Air Terminal /Air Terminal mounting arrangement
Down Conductors
Clamps-SDS (Self Drive Screw) /Standing Seam Type
Conductor Holders
Earthing Point/Stud
Equipotential Bonding
Surge Protection Devices
Isolation Spark gaps

The above products are available in Aluminum, Copper, Galvanized Steel & Stainless Steel.

  • Design

    On deliverable basis
  • Supply

    On deliverable basis
  • Installation

    On deliverable basis


Lightning Protection System as per IS/IEC 62305-2010, NFPA:780, NFC17-102 Version 2011 (ESE)

Products meeting National and International Standards.

Reliable and Customized Solutions.

Risk Assessment software as per IEC 62305.

Design of LPS for new structures.

Technical Services for Adequacy Study for Existing Structures.

Installation Services.