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Power Flow and Short Circuit Analysis

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Power quality Analysis

Power and Load flow studies are performed to determine the steady-state operation of an electric power system in terms of electrical parameters such Voltage, Current, Real Power, Apparent Power, Reactive Power and Power Factor.

Power and Load Flow Studies Are Commonly Used To

  • Optimize component or circuit loading- whether normal loading or overloading
  • Identify real and reactive power flow- requirement of capacitors
  • Minimize kW and kVAR losses
  • Develop equipment specification guidelines -Transformers, Diesel Generators and UPS
  • Identify proper transformer tap settings in OLTC

A Short Circuit analysis is used to determine the magnitude of short circuit current the system is capable of producing and compares that magnitude with the interrupting rating of the over current protective devices such as circuit breakers.

Short circuit currents impose the most serious general hazard to power distribution system components and are the prime concerns in developing and applying suitable protection systems.