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SPD for Data Network

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The increased use of computers as a management tool and the information stored on these equipment makes the Ethernet a critical part of an installation.The computers are highly sensitive to transient over voltages. In addition to the cost of replacing the damaged equipment, there is also the issue of loss of data, which in many cases, can be of an incalculable value.

SPDs suitable for:

  • * Ethernet UTP CAT 6 & Cat 5E and POE(Power over Ethernet)
  • * 19” Rack protector upto 24 ports
  • * Connections by IDC and RJ 45 connectors * RS 232 Ports (9, 15 & 25 pin)

Protected equipment : Computers, Servers, Network Switches

Power Lines Devices DPP9-232


  • Transzorb circuitry for lower let-through voltage
  • Fail safe design
  • All mode protection
  • Easy plug-in installation
  • Support data rates up to 20 Mbps
  • Negligible in-line resistance and capacitance
  • Plenty of connector type to choose

General Specifications

Maximum Working Voltage U 25 V
Voltage Protection Level Up 40 V
Maximum Discharge Current Imax 200 A (8/20 µS)
Maximum Operating Current IL 300 mA
SPD class Class III
Protection modes Common and transverse
Response Time, tA   < 5 nS
Max Data Rate 20 Mb/s
Capacitance  40 pF
Standards Compliance IEC 61643-21
Connector type DB9 female to male
Earth Connection Flying Lead
Case Material Plastic
  • 15 Pin & 25 Pin Models are also available
  • Ethernet UTP CAT 5E & Cat 6 and PoE models are also available
  • 19” Rack protector upto 24 ports are also available