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SPD for Load Cell

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Transient over voltages, that appear between line to line, line to screen and line to earth can easily damage the sensitive analog load cell and strain sensors. The LCP series surge arrestors are specially designed to protect load cells, weighbridge, 3 and 4 wire RTD sensors, strain gauge sensors and the measuring instrument of the weighbridge against surges and transients. LCP Series of load cell & RTD protectors have different models and they are designed not to interfere with the signal transmitted or during calibration of the instrumentation.

Power Lines Devices LCP-V12

SPD for Load Cell


  • Fully compatible with all load cells & strain gauge sensors
  • All mode protection
  • Multi-stage design offers exceptional safety
  • Waterproof design for harsh environment
  • Fail safe design
  • Easy installation & maintenance

General Specifications

Maximum Working Voltage Uc 17 V
Voltage Protection Level Up 23 V
Maximum Discharge Current Imax 20 kA (8/20 µS)
Maximum Operating Current IL 300 mA
SPD class Class II
Protection modes Common and transverse
Lines Protected   6 wires, plus screen and earth
Capacitance  50 pF
In line resistance 3.9 Ω
Standard Compliance IEC61643-21
Connector type Pluggable terminal strip
Earth Connection M5 stud
Case Material ABS
IP - rating IP66
Mounting External screw holes

It is a must to protect incoming power line.