Backfill Compounds

Grounding Backfill Compounds


JEF offers carbon-based Maintenance-free Backfill compounds and Mineral-based chemical Backfill compounds to suit specific applications and conform to standards like IS 3043, BS7430, IEEE: 80 etc. The backfill compounds supplied by us are compatible with all types of grounding systems, enabling the use of copper and copper bonded steel rods or strip electrodes to suit the terrain and space restrictions.


Jef Eco-safe set, manufactured by JEF Techno solutions is an ideal solution for areas with high resistance. It is a carbon-based backfill compound with conductive concrete. It does not rely on moisture for conduction and is very stable over a long period. It offers a resistivity of less than ≤ 0.12-ohm meter



• Maintenance Free Grounding Solution.
• Backfill compound Resistivity ≤0.12 Ohm. meter.
• As Per Standards: IS 3043, BS-7430 & IEEE-80.
• Provides positive low resistance electrical connection to the earth.
• Gives flexibility in adopting any grounding system design.
• Suitable for any kind of Soil.
• Will not leech or diffuse into the ground.
• Easy to install.
• Environmentally friendly-No hazardous chemical.
• Offers a stable grounding system.
• Contain a corrosion inhibitor to protect the copper.
• Compatible with plate, Rod, Strip electrodes.

a) High tensile low carbon steel rod with 100 / 250 micron (average) molecularly bonded copper on the outer surface.
b) Highly conductive and Eco-friendly carbon-based backfill compound.
c) U Bolt Clamp.