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We provide a one-stop solution offering you the design services with the help of CDEGS software and ensure the most accurate and cost-effective solution.

Our team ensures complete data collection and analysis of all the necessary data to offer a high-performing grounding design.

Soil Resistivity Test:

A comprehensive soil resistivity test is important in an effective earthing system design, as inadequate or erroneous soil resistivity readings are likely to result in a flawed design. It is the key factor that determines the resistance or performance of an electrical grounding system.

Accurate soil resistivity data enables precise designs and predictable results. The type of soil, moisture, electrolytic content, and temperature also affect soil resistance. Frost line depth, water table level, bedrock, and available space dictate some specifics of the grounding system design.

Data Analysis

JEF provides specialized Earthing/Grounding system design services using advanced & world-renowned CDEGS software for carrying out the simulations which is the top-rated benchmark software as recommended by IEEE 80 -2013 standard.

Lightning Protection System Design

Lightning Protection system analysis is a critical component in comprehensive grounding design. If the building and equipment are properly grounded, personnel injury and equipment damage can be reduced or eliminated entirely.

The purpose of a lightning protection system is to provide a path for the lightning strike to pass through the ground without damaging personnel or sensitive equipment in the building, and this can be achieved if a proper and effective grounding system is in place.


Value Adds by JEF

• Electrical Grounding System Design solutions from our good experience and qualified technical engineers.
• LPS & Earthing designs comply with all relevant National and International standards.
• Optimised earthing design solution using world-renowned CDEGS Software.
• Level-2 certified in CDEGS software proficiency.
• Engineered designs to meet client specifications focusing on earthing & lightning protection issues and concerns.
• Experience to provide the optimum design solutions
• Offering effective and accurate earthing designs for a various challenging environments and critical & special applications.

AIS & GIS, Commercial & Cultural Heritage Buildings, Public Service Structures & Utilities, IT/ITES Facilities, Hospitals, Hotels, Retails outlets, shopping malls, Industries, Manufacturing Plants, Oil & Gas, Metro rail, Process plants, Wind & Solar Plants, Tank farms, Critical structures like communication towers, power plants and more

IEEE STD 80-2013 | NFC 17-102 | CBIP- 2017 | IS 3043-2018 | IS/IEC 62305