Grounding Solutions

Lightning Protection System Audit


An effective grounding system is a fundamental requirement of any electrical system for operational and safety aspects/reasons. Without a good grounding system safety of equipment and human life are in danger. Essentially, every electrical installation needs a reliable grounding system.

A good grounding system is important for

• Human/Life Safety
• Limiting damage to electrical equipment in case of fault/lightning
• Correct operation of the electricity supply network and to ensure good power quality

Jef grounding products provide a cost-effective and technically superior grounding solution for all kinds of applications and has evolved a Maintenance-free grounding system drawing insight from RDSO and international standards like IEEE 80 & BS 7430. The products are proved to be a versatile system for all types of soil.


Value Adds by JEF

• Cost-effective solution for reliable and robust grounding system.
• Ensures Human and Equipment Safety.
• Indigenized Earthing Compound offering Maintenance-free Grounding solution.
• Electrode (UL-listed) and compound type tested as per IEC-62561-7, IS3043-2018 & IEEE 80.
• A Comprehensive solution as per national and international standards IS-3043, BS-7430 & IEEE-80, IEC 62561-7 (For backfill compound), and IEC-60364-5 for a permanent solution to lower earth resistance.

AIS & GIS Substations, Commercial Buildings, Retails outlets, Warehouses, Data Centers, Factories, Manufacturing plants, Oil & Gas, Metro rail, Process plants, Wind & Solar Plants, Tank farms, Critical structures like communication towers, power plants and more.

IEEE 81-2012 | IEE Regulation | CEA regulations for measures relating to safety and electric supply - 2021 (Draft) | IEEE 80 – 2013 | IS 3043 | BS 7430 | CBIP manual-339 | IEC 62561-7

JEF grounding components are manufactured toensure a reliable and robust grounding system. Grounding Products are strictly in line with the national and international Standards; IS 3043, BS 7430, IEEE80 & IEC 62561-7.