Electrical Thermography

Electrical Thermography

Electrical Thermography Test

Electrical Preventive Maintenance programs play a very important role in the effective functioning of large electrical systems. If one can identify potential problems before they become critical, then one can prevent the electrical system from posing hazardous threats to infrastructure and personnel by scheduling a controlled shutdown, and preventing costly equipment failures and breakdowns.

Thermography is a non-destructive test method that is used to detect excessive heat & hotspots due to poor electrical connections, unbalanced loads, deteriorated insulation, or other potential problems in energized electrical components. In Thermography, infrared imaging captures the heat signature of equipment. This enables visual indication of hot spots that are not visible to the naked eye.

Electrical Thermography Study Overview

Application Area: Substations, Commercial Buildings, Retails outlets, Warehouses, Data Center's, Factories, Manufacturing Plants, Oil & Gas, Metro rail, Process plants, Wind & Solar Plants, Tank farms, Critical structures like communication towers, power plants and more.

Reference Standards: NFPA 70 B.

Why Thermography Study?

  • Compliance with regulations and statutory requirements.
  • Excessive heat can result in equipment failure and damage, fire accidents, safety threat to humans, burns & injuries. Hence, it is recommended to conduct Thermography Tests periodically as a proactive measure.
  • It prevents premature failure and extend equipment life, and reduce costly outages and downtime.
  • NFPA 70 B standards recommend Thermography be done as a critical part of an Electrical Preventive Maintenance Program and prescribe that Thermography should be done annually.
  • Thermography enables service/installer/maintenance technicians to AVOID fighting fires and fix problems before they result in large-scale losses.
  • Identifies rise in temperature caused by loose connections, defective or deteriorated equipment, short circuits, overloads, load imbalances, and even incorrect installations etc.

Value Adds from JEF

  • Cost-effective solution to overcome the hazards and mitigate risks.
  • Ensures Human and Equipment Safety.
  • Site Survey and measurements from qualified and experienced Engineers.
  • Recommendations by experts based on a detailed site survey.
  • Recommendations to ensure compliance with the latest Indian and International Standards.
  • Detailed report with measured data, anomalies & defect observations and recommendations for rectification along with site photographs.

SAMEEKSHA is an AI-enabled tool for guided systematic auditing process for detection of anomalies, eliminates the need for skilled force, and reduces human skill dependency. It ensures efficient monitoring and offers 24/7 safety surveillance to improve accountability. Sameeksha reduces human dependency and human error rate and offers guided auditing through a mobile app. It provides recommendations through built-in intelligence to ensure compliance with standards adding immense value and provides an upper hand in making the safety audits effective and accountable.