RCB and ELCB Testing

ELCB(RCD) Testing

ELCB(RCD) Testing Service

An RCD is a protective device used to automatically disconnect the electrical supply when an unbalance is detected between live conductors in a Three Phase Circuit. In the case of a Single-Phase circuit, the device monitors the difference in currents between the line and neutral conductors.

ELCB or RCD Testing is done to check whether the breaker is functional and working as it should be. It is done by simulating an appropriate fault condition – by injecting a low magnitude fault current say 30 to 100 mA to test whether the device/breaker will trip. A functional ELCB/RCD will trip the circuit during a Current Injection Test.

This Electrical test is recommended since any test facility or test button, associated with the ELCB/RCD can only be used to test the manual operation of the breaker. With usage, the connections of relay get deteriorated or contaminated with carbon particles, etc. Since these are critical protection equipment, it is the interest of the end user to check the healthiness and behaviour of relays periodically through a secondary current injection method.


Application Area: Commercial Buildings, Factories, Manufacturing plants, Service Sectors like IT hubs, Data Centers, Retails outlets, Warehouses, Hospitals, Hotels, shopping malls, Supermarkets, educational institutes and more.

Reference Standards: Standard IEC 60755.

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