LPS Adequacy

Lightning Protection System Audit


Lightning is an act of God which risks life and assets. One cannot avoid it. There is no known method of preventing the occurrence of natural phenomena such as a Lightning Strike / Flash/Discharge. The only way is to measure and manage the lightning risk.

The purpose of Lightning Protection System audit is to conduct lightning risk assessment and determine the level of protection required to the structure/facility as per the latest relevant standards. LPS Adequacy audit helps to manage and mitigate the risk due to lightning and protect the life and assets.

Lightning Protection Adequacy Audit is needed to check the adequacy and healthiness of the existing LPS and its conformity to the latest standards in such a manner that prevents injury to personnel and property damage.

LPS Adequacy Study Overview

Application Area: Commercial & Cultural Heritage Buildings, Public Service Structures & Utilities, IT/ITES Facilities, Hospitals, Hotels, Retails outlets & shopping malls, Factories, Industries, Manufacturing plants, Oil & Gas, Metro rail, Process plants, Wind & Solar Plants, Tank farms, Critical structures like communication towers, power plants, substations and more.

Reference Standards: IS/IEC 62305 | NFC 17-102 | NFPA 780 | National Building Code 2016 and Central Electricity Authority - 2016 Draft.

Why LPS Adequacy Audit?

  • To measure lightning risk to the structure and its contents.
  • Identify structures which require protection and determine the level of protection required as per latest standards.
  • To check the healthiness of the existing LPS system.
  • To know whether lightning protection system is provided in the facility to mitigate the risk from Radiated and Conducted Surges.
  • Identify gaps in the present System with respect to latest and relevant standards.
  • Compliance to latest and relevant standards.
  • Recommendations for Corrective Action with BOQ & Drawings to ensure adequate protection.
  • Design risk mitigation/ management measures to enhance safety.

  • Site Survey, data collection and measurements from qualified and experienced Engineers.
  • Lightning Risk Assessment, study of existing LPS & Earthing system, inspection of air terminations & down conductors and checking the internal LPS.
  • Providing cost optimal solution.
  • Minimise lightning risk to your assets and personnel.
  • Recommendations by experts based on detailed site survey and in compliance with latest Indian and International Standards.

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