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Renewable Energy Segment (Solar Power and Wind Power):

India's economy is rapidly growing vibrantly and efficiently, necessitating a large and stable energy supply. Over the last two decades, the use of renewable energy has steadily increased. Windmills, Solar PV & biogas plants are getting popular day by day.

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power are exposed to an environment that enhances the risk of being struck by lightning or thunderstorms. Lightning is the most common cause of failures in photovoltaic & wind electric systems this risk is increasing day by day with the increasing numbers of surges and strikes.

Similarly, wind farms are located at high altitudes and are exposed to open grounds making them vulnerable to electrical discharge.

Inadequate lightning strike protection, inaccurate or insufficient earthing (grounding) and low transient protection all result in significant material and economic losses that must be avoided.


We offer comprehensive solutions for the solar & wind power segment;

• Comprehensive Lightning Protection & Grounding Solutions including supply & installation
• Design & Detailed engineering
• Adequacy Study & RCA