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Substations are potentially high-risk environments with a unique set of threats often hidden from the untrained eye. One-step in the wrong direction can bring people too close to live equipment, and an accidental stretch of an arm flipping a control switch can take the entire facility to a grinding halt, or a dropped wrench can trigger an explosion. Considering the fact that the entire premise is rife with potential electrical and chemical hazards, even the slightest negligence can prove damaging. Careful analysis of general and site-specific risk factors is essential to preventing accidents.

Maintaining the safety and security of power supply are critical aspects of substation design. Properly designed substations will provide the necessary components and systems in a layout that helps maintain and preserve this objective. Earthing aspect of design is required to provide for the safety of equipment installers and maintenance workers, equipment protection, and prevention of dangerous potential gradients.

We provide an efficient approach to EHV substation design and detailed engineering services, including construction planning, contracting and equipment procurement for successful completion of a project.


We offer comprehensive solutions for Substations;

• Design & Detailed engineering
• Grounding System Health Assessment
• Lightning Protection System Adequacy Studies
• Power Quality & Power System Studies
• Comprehensive Lightning Protection & Grounding Solutions including supply & installation
• Adequacy Study & Root Cause Analysis