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Pharma/Chemical Industry Segment

Every workplace has its own set of hazards. The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is fraught with risks, frommanufacturing-specific considerations to pharmaceutical safety hazards. As chemicals are a common ingredient in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and chemical products. Chemical handling can be highly unsafe due to the increased risk of fires, explosions, and the release of harmful toxins. The transportation, handling, and use of toxic substances should also be as safe as possible, and risks should be eliminated or reduced.

A proper risk assessment is a cornerstone of assessing potential hazards at such workplace and ensuring employee safety. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is legally obligatory to conduct thorough safety risk estimation.It involves reviewing the workplace to identify the dangers and their sources.


We offer comprehensive solutions for Pharma/Chemical Industry segment;

• Comprehensive Lightning Protection & Grounding Solutions including supply & installation
• Design & Detailed engineering
• Adequacy Study & RCA
• Fire & Electrical Safety Audits
• Power Quality & Power System Studies