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Working in a warehouse is inherently dangerous. A warehouse may provide numerous potential risks, ranging from falls to fires caused by electrical fault. Electrical systems for warehouses are designed to handle a variety of power demands; from heavy lighting, operating machinery and even vehicles.

Some of the most dangerous accidents in warehouse environments involve electricity. In most situations, workers are exposed to electrical hazards while maintaining equipment or coming into contact with the improperly shielded ground to line faults. Another potential risk is fire. It is one of the most preventable and the most common warehouse accidents. Unlike many other types of common warehouse accidents, a single fire can hurt many people in a short amount of time. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of fire in a warehouse.

First, each warehouse must obtain a building permit suitable for the business and meet the relevant standards. These permits confirm that measures have been taken to install fire protection measures. This could be anything from providing a suitable emergency exit for all workers to installing automatic sprinklers. A regular audit or risk assessment is mandatory to evaluate the electrical dangers and know if the preventive measures necessary to maintain an acceptable level of risk are in place.


We offer comprehensive solutions for Warehouses;

• Comprehensive Lightning Protection & Grounding Solutions including supply & installation
• Grounding System Health Assessment
• Lightning Protection System Adequacy Studies
• Electrical & Fire Safety Audits
• Power Quality & Power System Studies
• Adequacy Study & Root Cause Analysis