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Nowadays, Commercial buildings are loaded with equipment, appliances, and various other electronics, the consumption of electricity tends to be extremely high, which makes safety a serious concern. Further more, our climate is changing, and extreme weather is becoming more common. Increasing surges raise the risk of lightning strikes, fires, and property damage.

Failure to take proper lightning and surge protection precautions can, in the worst case, result in in-depth injury or even loss of life. Fires, malfunctions or lack of availability of crucial systems also have serious consequences – especially for intelligent building systems.

Any electrical irregularities in commercial buildings can result in accidents such as fires in a fraction of a second. Commercial buildings have furnaces, radiators and boilers that can often lead to situations where the building becomes over-heated. This can cause fire, mostly in industrial properties. It is crucial to achieving fire safety in a commercial facility to protect your staff and customers. Proper fire safety provides a level of protection for your equipment, tools, merchandise and raw materials, records and the building itself.


We offer comprehensive solutions for Commercial Buildings;

• Comprehensive Lightning Protection & Grounding Solutions including supply & installation
• Grounding System Health Assessment
• Lightning Protection System Adequacy Studies
• Electrical & Fire Safety Audits
• Power Quality & Power System Studies
• Adequacy Study & Root Cause Analysis