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We offer comprehensive Lightning Protection system design services and provide end-to-end solutions covering risk assessment, determining the level of protection, and arriving at designs, BOM and specifications through advanced software.

Bill of material includes products which are sequentially type tested as per IS/IEC 62561 (62305) for aging, 100kA Lightning Impulse of 10/300 µs waveform, Mechanical test which is in line with various National & International Standards. We offer products for Lightning Protection & Grounding to suit various applications.

The process involves a site survey, collection of basic data and drawings, earthing system analysis, risk assessment, and arriving at cost-optimal lightning protection system design.

We at JEF have developed an in-house Automated Risk Assessment & Design Tool-

JEF Shield, as per IS /IEC 62305 for assessing the lightning risk and offering the best optimal solution including risk assessment report, concept design drawings & bill of materials in 99 seconds with a click of a button.

Benefits of JEF Shield Tool

• Risk Assessment & Cost Optimal Solution
• Generating concept drawings, 3D Models & installation details
• Bill of material
• Estimated cost for tendering & budgetary purposes.
• Provision to upload your drawings
• Detailed engineering

Other Highlights of JEF Shield

• User-friendly dashboard
• Track & modify your projects
• Get all the project deliverables in 99 seconds
• Secure access- Password + OTP


Value Adds by JEF

• Design solutions from our good experience and qualified technical engineers.
• LPS & Earthing designs meet relevant National and International standards.
• End to end solutions covering risk assessment, determining the level of protection, and arriving at robust and optimum designs.
• BOM including type-tested components as per standards.
• Experience and the software to provide an accurate & optimum design.
• Offering effective and accurate LPS designs for various challenging environments and critical & special applications.

Commercial & Cultural Heritage Buildings, Public Service Structures & Utilities, IT/ITES Facilities, Hospitals, Hotels, Retails outlets, shopping malls, Industries, Manufacturing Plants, Oil & Gas, Metro rail, Process plants, Wind & Solar Plants, Tank farms, Critical structures like communication towers, power plants, EHV Air Insulated and Gas Insulated Substations and more

IS/IEC 62305 | NFC 17-102 | NFPA 780 | National Building Code (NBC) 2016 | IEC 62561