ELCB(RCD) Testing


We are one of the pioneers in Asia in providing end to end solution, for Electromagnetic Interference Studies and its Compatibility (EMC) for Power Plants, Oil & Gas Installations, Off Shore Platform Facilities, Metro projects etc.

We are also conducting AC & DC Interference studies for Hydro Carbon Cross Country pipelines and for City Gas Service Networks.

EMI/EMC Study Overview

Application Area: Oil & Gas Installations | Metro rail Projects | Power Plants |Off Shore Platform Facilities.

Reference Standards: IEC 61000 | EN  50121 | ICNIRP (International Commission on Non- Ionizing Radiation Protection) Guidelines | NACE SP 0177 | OISD Standards.

Projects Completed: 100+


  • Unexplained tripping of the electrical system.
  • Sensor maloperation.
  • Noise and disturbance in communication systems.
  • Errors in logging.
  • Crashes in systems.
  • Loss of vital communications.

Value Adds from JEF

  • Carry out detailed assessment to identify EMC issues at the design stage and allows economical mitigation.
  • EMI/EMC Study helps to identify original expected life, minimizes errors in system programs and disturbance in communication systems within acceptable limits.
  • Overcome nuisance tripping problem thereby avoiding unnecessary plant downtime and production loss.

• EMC management plan.
• Site survey report.
• EMC matrix Evaluation.
• EMC Zoning.
• Field Measurements.
• Gap Analysis.
• AC and DC Interference studies and Mitigation measures.
• DC Stray Current Analysis.
• Electromagnetic Shielding.
• Static & High Frequency grounding.
• Electro Magnetic Isolation.br> • Review of equipment specification for EMC compliance.
• Review of installation specification for EMC compliance.
• Review of cable routing and segregation plan.
• Review of Earthing and bonding requirements.
• Preparation of criticality rating for equipment’s.
• Preparation of Risk Assessment Report for Lightning & EMI Assessment of adequacy of, Surge Protection for sensitive electrical and electronic equipment’s

• AC Interference Studies.
• DC Interference Studies.
• DC Stray Current Analysis.
• EM Zoning, Matrix & Evaluation.
• Electromagnetic Shielding.
• Static & High Frequency Grounding.
• Electro Magnetic Isolation.