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Oil & Gas Segment (Refineries, Process Plants & Pipelines):

Oil and gas facilities such as refineries and process plants are some of the largest and most complex structures and often pose an immense risk to both personnel and assets due to the hazardous and inflammable nature of the materials used. Further complicated methods of extraction, transporting, processing, storage etc. makes the industry more complex, it is required to followstrict and mandatory safety practices.

Oil& Gas Pipelines - With the increasing collocation of oil and gas pipelines with power lines, the risk of AC interference on the pipeline is increasing. After the industry has witnessed AC corrosion on pipelines, AC interference became a crucial topic of research.


We offer comprehensive solutions for the oil & gas segment;

• AC Interference Study with Computer Modelling and Simulation
• Adequacy Study &Root Cause Analysis
• Comprehensive Lightning Protection & Grounding Solutions including supply & installation
• Design & Detailed engineering