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Electrical systems need to be safe and reliable to ensure critical processes in industries, run without interruptions. Yet, they invariably experience outages due to tripping and equipment failures. The importance of proper design, periodic health analysis of equipment, study of the interplay between various equipment in the system under varied operating conditions are necessary to ensure safe and reliable system operation. Our highly trained, skilled and experienced team delivers all services related to the electrical system to proactively ensure system reliability, find the root cause and suggest corrective action.

Electrical & Fire Safety

Complete range of electrical & fire safety audits to address risks foreseen in varied Industrial & Commercial buildings. Team JEF has the latest smart technology, high-quality equipment & well-trained man-power to ensure quality & reliability.

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Proven expertise in AC interference study of transmission line & railway AC traction line on buried pipelines- both safety & corrosion problems. EMI study & analysis of systems as per IEC 61000 to ensure EMC in the installation.

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Design Solutions

Technically superior, cost optimum and practically implementable designs with specialized software, high end measuring instruments and highly trained team guided by domain experts for designing earthing & lightning protection systems.

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Power Quality

Extensive range of power quality products, systems & services to address the power systems problems of utility, industrial, infrastructure, transport and commercial sectors and offering cost competitive solutions.

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Grounding Systems

JEF grounding products and components are manufactured to meet various National and International Standards and together with our superior designs, ensure a reliable and robust grounding system. We offer a wide range of products to meet the stringent requirements for various applications in line with IS, BS, IEEE & IEC Standards.

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Lightning Protection

We understand your project requirements & provide cost optimum & practically implementable designs with a wide range of products which are tested to National & International Standards. Our in-house projects team will take care of getting these installed on all types of structures as required thereby offering you a complete solution.

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Surge Protection Devices

We offer a wide range of SPDs for various applications like Power Lines, Signal,
Instrumentation, Ethernet, and Telecom lines designed to protect your installations by providing effective protection against lightning and switching transients.

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Company Overview

We are a knowledge-driven company with a proven track record of successful development of new technological solutions in the fields of Grounding, Power Quality, Electromagnetic Interference, Lightning Protection, Earthing design & health assessment, and HV & EHV design services.

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“90% of our process is IT-enabled. Our technology-enabled standardized process with built-in balances and checks for critical functions ensure consistency, quality, and reliability.” With industry knowledge of more than 27 years, we have invested in ground-breaking technologies to deliver solutions in the most effective manner. “Our step is towards technical superiority”.


World’s First Automated Safety Audit Tool-Developed & Patented by JEF. AI-based Unique Automated Safety Audit Tool for detection of anomalies and to reduce human skill dependency and gives accurate audit reports to ensure safety across all the locations of you organization.


Assessing the risk to determine the class of LPS required is a complex process. JEF Shield is a web-based risk assessment software to determine the risk level as per IS/ IEC62305-2. The software gives a risk assessment report along with concept design drawings and bill of materials in "< 90 seconds!".

JEF E-build

JEF E-build is an automated tool to guide and monitor LPS site installation. The tool can be used by unskilled /semi-skilled workers also during LPS site installation under the supervision of back-end experts, who validate the process in real time and certify the installation remotely.


We are a team of multi-domain experts coming together to offer lightning protection solutions and allied technical services under the umbrella brand JEF Techno Solutions. We deliver value added, technically superior and cost optimum solutions to enhance the safety and reliability of your electrical systems.

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Defines us as an organization for our customers and team members.

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You can count on us to get the job done.

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Offering a very transparent approach that you would expect from a partner of choice.

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We design and implement innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

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We work together with customers to understand problems, needs and challenges to deliver best-suited solutions.

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Technology-enabled & standardized processes for consistency, quality and reliability. All Critical functions are IT-enabled with built-in checks and balances.

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From India to 21+ Countries

We are an Indian company with a strong international presence. We have been the preferred vendors for prestigious projects in many countries.

Presence in Middle East

We have a strong presence in the Middle East through our GCC regional office in Abu Dhabi and have successful projects completed in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.

3000+ Customers Rentention

3000+ customers across the many countries and an astounding 90% customer retention rate is a testimony to our performance.

28 years of Experience

Experience across geographies and varied industry segments in low and high voltage engineering.

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250+ Brands, We serve

Satisfied Clients

Our clients praise us for our great results, personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery

Our Blogs

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Greenfield projects refer to construction projects on land where no previous development has taken place. These projects present unique challenges when it comes to electrical safety.

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Importance Of Electrical Safety In Chemical And Pharma Industries

Electrical safety is essential to workplace safety in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. These industries involve complex machinery and equipment which, if not handled properly can lead to many accidents.

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Measurement, simulation, validation - The 3 key steps of Power System Studies

Power system studies are essential for the development, design, and analysis of electric power systems. They help ensure the safety and reliability of power systems while also minimizing environmental impact. They are used to investigate the behaviour.

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