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Electrical Safety - Retail Industry

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Retail industry covers a wide range of service outlets & variety of businesses such as department & apparel stores, supermarkets, warehouses etc.

There are various standards and rules to ensure the safety of human life, assets, building, and equipment. For example, National Building Code of India -2016, Part 4- Fire and Life Safety, clearly mentions safety from fire –demarcation of fire zones, restrictions on construction of building based on occupancy, types of building construction according to fire resistance of the structural and non-structural components and other restrictions and requirements necessary to minimize danger of life from fire, smoke, fumes etc. under broad clauses of, Fire Prevention, Life Safety & Fire Protection. It also covers the guidelines for the electrical system & electrical safety on the installations.

Various challenges that the retail industry grapple with can be listed as

  1. Multi-locational operations
  2. Lack of qualified manpower to supervise/attend to complaints
  3. Inability to shut down operations for electrical problems resulting in a quick fix or potentially unsafe workarounds.
  4. A large number of people and/or high-value assets & equipment under one roof.
  5. Lack of awareness among the staff members on safety-related aspects (High attrition in this sector complicates training on safety aspects)

JEF’s Electrical Safety Audit is designed to identify potential risk and provide the solution to mitigate them. We not only assist in identifying hazards, risks, non-conformities, and deficiencies in the electrical & fire safety system but also recommend ways and means to ensure electrical & fire safety. We also implement these measures where customers want us to.

We provide a one-stop solution to various electrical problems encountered in the retail segment. JEF's dedicated engineers continuously work towards providing you safe, energy efficient and sustainable solutions


Together with you in your Electrical & Fire Safety Initiative we offer our services in

  • Electrical Safety Audit
  • Fire safety audit
  • Health Assessment of Grounding System
  • Electrical Arc Flash Study and Analysis
  • Power Quality & Power Flow study
  • Electrical Energy Audit
  • Lightning protection System Adequacy studies

JEF has also come up with an online solution through which you can view the critical electrical equipment at all your facilities from your desk. you can also access the audit reports of all your facilities online, take a virtual look at the critical electrical and fire safety infrastructure in each of your locations, compare your installations and do a lot more.