PQ Solutions


Power quality is a major concern for utilities, industries, and transport and infrastructure segments. Billions of dollars in revenue are lost each year as a result of power quality issues that cause hours of downtime, lost productivity and, possibly, the need to repair or replace equipment prematurely and lead to higher energy bills. With the right diagnosis and treatment, both utilities and consumers can alleviate power quality issues. Jef Techno solutions offers reliable solutions to address power quality, energy efficiency and grid code compliance challenges of our customers.

Our dynamic compensation solutions – active harmonic filters, STATCOMs and UPQs – effectively solve your power quality problems in real time from low Voltage to High Voltage applications.


Active Harmonic Filters

Active harmonic filters are a versatile solution, easily tailored to deliver Harmonic Mitigation, power factor improvement, voltage.

Hybrid Filters

The smart hybrid solution is a combination of traditional detuned capacitor steps and a modern A2-activeharmonic filter using a single control system. This system provides a complete power quality solution that is fully programmable to provide dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic mitigation solution. The fundamental correction of reactive power is supplied with capacitor steps. The middle steps, inductive reactive power, harmonic mitigation and unbalance is supplied by the active harmonic filter at the same time.

Static compensation STATCOM

STATCOMs are designed to provide real-time reactive power compensation and active harmonic filtering in demanding applications and enable grid code compliance in wind and solar farms

Uninterrupted Power Quality

Uninterrupted Power Quality (UPQ) is an innovative concept, combining the functionalities of a UPS and an active harmonic filter into a single robust solution. UPQ protects mission critical processes from supply interruptions and voltage sags while maintaining supply voltage quality by compensating harmonic currents and the reactive power fluctuations of non-linear loads.