Technical Services

Technical Services

Technical Services

Earthing Audit

Earthing Audit ensures the good health of the complete Earthing system. It is imperative that the Earthing system is inspected periodically to ensure efficiency. Pin point open or weak joints in a buried earthing grid.

LPS Adequacy Audit

Protect against lightning; Ensure safety. Carry out a detailed assessment and quantify the risk of lightning damage to a structure and its contents and design risk mitigation/management measures to enhance safety.

Electrical & Fire Safety

Ensure a safe work environment for all. Comprehensive electrical & fire safety audit services for industrial & commercial facilities: Thermography, Arc flash, LPS adequacy, Earthing audit, and more.

Power Quality Studies

Root cause analysis for harmonic distortions, voltage sags, swells, flicker, Power factor correction and short circuit protection evaluation. Detailed recommendation with optimal solution for mitigation of any power quality problem.

Power System Studies

A power systems study is conducted to identify the root cause of problems & define mitigation measures with energy optimization and offering cost competitive solutions. Comprehensive analysis including harmonics, EMI and Grounding.

Electrical Thermography

Detect excessive heat & hot spots due to poor electrical connections, un-balanced loads, deteriorated insulation, or other potential problems in energized electrical components. Prevent failure, reduce costly outages & down-time.

RCB and ELCB Testing

Residual current circuit breakers and earth leakage circuit breaker testing is done to Prevent unnecessary trips and isolate leakage current faults in the earth circuit system.


EMI/EMC Study carries out a detailed assessment to identify EMC issues at the design stage and allow economical mitigation. Overcome nuisance tripping problem thereby avoiding unnecessary plant down time and production loss.

Design Solutions

One-stop solutions provide grounding and lightning protection system design services with the help of advanced software, ensuring the most accurate, technically superior, cost optimum & practically implementable solutions.