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Automated Lightning Risk Assessment & Design Tool as per IEC 62305.

Get your risk assessment report, concept design drawings & bill of materials in < 99 seconds with a click of a button.

Our Lightning Protection Risk Assessment Tool-JEF SHIELD is a customer-centric tool based on IS/IEC 62305. This tool helps you carry out a complete risk assessment with little data about the structure & equipment that need protection. You can determine whether the structure is safe against lightning strikes within tolerable limits. If protection is required (i.e. if the calculated risk is above the tolerable level), the software guides you to select the appropriate protection and optimize the same. It is done by determining the extent of risk to the structure and comparing it with the acceptable values. Once the optimized design (level of protection) arrives, the software assists you in generating a BOQ as well as estimating a cost for tendering/budgeting purposes. The software assists in defining the most cost-effective solution by combining the lowest exterior protection (LPL 4) with other LPMS strategies (LEMP- LEMP Protection Measures System), which is impossible to achieve with manual calculations.

• Risk Assessment & Cost optimal Solution.
• Generating concept drawings, 3D Models & Installation details.
• Bill of material.
• Estimated cost for tendering/budgetary purposes.
• Provision to upload your drawing.
• Detailed Engineering.

Other Highlights:
User-friendly dashboard | Track & Modify your projects | Get all project deliverables in 99 seconds | Secure Access -Password + OTP.


JEF E-build is an automated tool to guide and monitor LPS site installation. The tool can be used by unskilled /semiskilled workers also during LPS site installation under the supervision of back-end experts, who validate the process in real-time and certify the installation remotely. Our customer centric "Lightning Protection Risk Assessment Tool" won't leave you alone. This user friendly software helps you carry out complete risk assessment with a few simple clicks.