Surge Protection Devices

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Surge Protection Devices


Surge Protective Devices are designed to protect against transient surges. Lightning can reach hundreds of thousands of volts and can cause immediate or intermittent equipment failure. However, lightning and other power anomalies cause 20% of transient surges. The remaining 80% of surge activity is produced internally. These surges are smaller in magnitude, but they occur more frequently, and continuous exposure damages sensitive electronic equipment within the facility.

Transient Surges are caused mainly by lightning & switching actions. The secondary effect of lightning causes transient overvoltage which damages sensitive electrical and electronic equipment installed Indoor/ Outdoor. Commonly used protective devices like HRC Fuses, MCBs, ELCBs etc., are current sensing devices and they sense/operate in a few milliseconds. Since the surge is a Transient overvoltage that occurs for a few microseconds, these devices cannot sense them.

Hence, Indian and International Standards recommend the installation of Surge Protection Devices. SPDs are to be installed in addition to the UPS to protect the sensitive electrical and electronic equipment. SPD is required even to protect UPS. The new IS/IEC-62305 series and NBC- 2016 standards have made it mandatory that, wherever external lightning protection is provided, it is necessary to install Surge Protection Devices.

We offer wide range of SPDs for Power lines, Instrumentation, Telecom, Data & Communication applications.